Paver Cleaning, Sanding & Sealing

Paver Cleaning

We take into consideration each specific job as it is presented to us. If your pavers are new, we will always treat for efflorescence first by using a product that is formulated to dissolve efflorescence and remove surface stains such as dirt, traffic marks, iron stains, etc. Whether your pavers need to be treated for efflorescence or not, we also pretreat the surface with our weed inhibitor that will help remove algae, mold, mildew, and weeds from the pavers. Following this process, we will use our commercial grade surface cleaner to remove all excess debris.

Paver Sanding

When prepping the pavers during our cleaning process, some sand will naturally be removed from our surface cleaner. Because of this, we will ALWAYS re sand the joints of the pavers with our 20/30 silica sand. Installing silica sand between pavers has both a functional and an aesthetic role. When properly sealed with our joint stabilizing sealer, the sand keeps your pavers from shifting out of place. Silica sand between pavers creates friction that locks everything together. Silica sand helps mitigate weed growth, as well as prevents moisture from seeping underneath the pavers.

Paver Sealing

Brick Pavers in the Daytona Beach FL area including Volusia County, Flagler County, Seminole county (and all surrounding areas) are exposed to the severity of Florida’s subtropical climate with a lot of moisture and UV rays. Because of this, your pavers can become dull, faded, and worn out. With our highest quality products and state of the art equipment you can trust our team to help protect and maintain the brick pavers you have invested in.

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